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Related Projects

related by particular topic

related by particular topic

concering byzantine protocols

on peer to peer

generally related

funnel / functional nets
[dead on in 2008] Same combination of key ideas of Functional Programming and Petri-Nets to yield a simple and general programming notation.
TUNES has Very simillar in design goals. Active in June 2002
[dead 2008] Probably the second most simillar projects on the way. Needs investigation.
transmorpher for chained xml transformations. (needs evaluation)
ohs [dead 2008] Open hyperdocument system, sound as if it exposed the same structure towards the user, doesn't it? A lot of design work to draw from. Aparently less code? At least not to find -- and apparently unchanged since 2001 (by 2008).
Oxygen Similar goals in the long run. Much larger scope.
ftsh a fault tollerant shell
FramerD ( ) similar analytical goals; has been tried in a prototype and proved a structural match (not hierarchical). Development state too much alpha, moving target, too slow.

some minor similarities

These are merly related due to their implementation details, not so much by design.

CDuse? Another functional programming language with xml types.
xpipe [2002] another execution environment for xml processing
Rhizome . Quitesimilar in int's aim. Main advantage: rhizome already deploys dedicated syntax for xml editing (zml) and apache forrest. Main disadvantage askemos already runs as a p2p network.
webit! a XSLT|SVG and others framework, which might contain useful bits to complete the XSLT implementation in Askemos
BRL is a java servlet / scheme server bearing minor similarities
another Scheme based web programming environment
ApacheCocoon? has same script programming language, simillar processing model
Zope an application server, which almost became the code base but it has structural issues which made that infeasible.
xmlblaster similar model, somehow boring
laml Also scheme based and used in html creation.
Tiki Taken as a black box, Tiki is a simillar workflow engine. There's a lot of user interface ideas to draw from. (The implementation is PHP, far from byzantine synchronization.)

still related but...

xns Some design work and promotion. In June 2002 no apparent development since two years. Looks somehow simillar. Lot's of pointers. I need some time to look into (which I'm not gonna have soon) and I would not want to write that much code just for a counter. ;-)
<bigwig> similar for web programming (judged from first web page) except that it defines a proprietary language, which might be useful.

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