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12-08-2003 fixed fatal typo in Makefile. The tarball distributed so far was broken. Sorry.

30-07-2003 Version 0.7.1 beta 5: bug fixes and new features in rscheme, more precise byzantine aggreement, improved replication. A forum is coming (thanks to Christoph).

04-06-2003 Aproaching new version utilizing rscheme's pstoregc, which is a bit buggy at the moment. Nevertheless the current snapshot uses it. If you want to try the Askemos-server for the first time, do yourself a favor and give us another week or two until the source is stable.

29-05-2003 Version 0.7.1 adds asynchronous dns lookups, supressing some unfortune delays.

27-05-2003 A nasty bug anywhere in rscheme lets us introduce a more elaborate heartbeat mechanism. 0.7.0 should not be released at all, we'll have a better version these days. Updates to the patent page (german version) referencing interesting economical studies and the manuscript of the talk "patents agains democracy" of Jörg F. Wittenberger.

16-05-2003 Fixed several bugs. Forget any source older that from today.

09-04-2003 Another 9 lines of code and byzantine agreement now also for the Wiki (this website).

01-04-2003 Added some support for persistent connections and SSL client.

17-03-2003 Build process changed because of BSD problems with use of mmap(2) MAP_FIXED in rscheme/fshell.

08-03-2003 Added support for SRFI34.

24-02-2003 Builds with rscheme build

22-02-2003 Moved some rscheme specific code to the rscheme repository. You might experience build problems.

03-02-2004 Added and-let* (SRFI-2) support.

27-01-2003 Some optimization made the chicken version mostly comparable to the rscheme version. There are still some issues left. See PerformanceConsiderations.

16-01-2003 The chicken port is completed. For yet unknown it's horribly slow, not ready to be released.

03-12-2002 ByzantineAgreement up and running for the xslt-method.

20-11-2002 Chicken port got stuck: the chicken compiler needs a fix.

18-10-2002 News reported lag behind reality. Askemos was sucessfuly presented at the ssgrr 2002s and node 2002 conferences and a few universities. The Askemos paper is now also available in German. A port of the Askemos-Server onto the chicken Scheme compiler is in the works. Several cooperations to advance the Askemos have been started.

25-05-2002 Several changes for xslt modes and parameters.

29-04-2002 Several small bug fixes, which prevented old distro to work at all. Big sorry folks. Finished paper draft

18-04-2002 A bug fix in the xslt implementation and some additions to the xpath code. Otherwise a paper is forthcoming.

06-04-2002 Several changes while activating actual xpath parser. Still only a small subset of the expressions is supported: node tests and predicates with attribute matches (even those only if the attribute is named lefthand and the value at the righthand side).

25-03-2002 Minor bug fixes. Sxpath fixes.

10-03-2002 No modifications, but more RSchemePatches?, new binaries.

08-03-2002 Added modified SRFI-19 support. Bugfix in fsm. Freshmeat is out of sync - made release 0.6.13

07-03-2002 Completed the binary distro and new readme. Release verion 0.6.12

24-02-2002 Made sxpath work and added garbage collection to the fsm module. Askemos has now replaced apache behind port 80. Mailing list opened.

20-02-2002 Several news did not make it into the changelog. There is support for SXPath (incomplete) now and some xpath parser. several templates fixed due to data model changes and fsm support. A new slot potentialities was introduced for "saved capabilities", which the user does have, but does not want to use at the moment. Bug fix in adopt:; places created with lesser capabilities could before adopt with all the active capabilities of the server, which was too much. Added support for virtual hosts. (Too long change log entries call for bug track systems. ;-)

01-02-2002 After a major fight, we changed the data model to ease the resuse of the sxpath code. Than we moved the persistant repository including the running applications. Several fixes to caching code fsm etc.

14-01-2002 The fsm StorageAdaptor works now also as primary storage adaptor. See StorageAdaptor for a comparison with pstore! The nunu has a new command: release-all.

10-01-2002 xslt fix (added xslt:comment) and bugfix release 0.6.12

29-12-1001 added pcre support and call-with-values

27-12-1001 bug fix in nu.scm and performance optimizations in xml rendering (giving 40% in real world example).

18-12-2001 released 0.6.11 several bug fixes, added examples tour

13-12-2001 connection pooling for xsql. Default user page now created from stylelib.

11-12-2001 several fixes over the past days. Wiki-remote needs work. nsgmls is now optional. A usage example comparing to PHP. New primitives for protection conversion. A simple role management app now (cgia) which shows the SOAP mapping was added to the stylelib.

01-12-2001 added emacs support based on wiki-remote.el

30-11-2001 fixed bug: no granting did work anymore, extended handling for "layered WikiWiki", now experimenting with the design.

26-11-2001 minor fix for none-xml handling, parse/render cache fixes

22-10-2001: release 0.6.9 added XSQL query for mysql.

20-10-2001: Stupid complexity bug fixed, backported into yesterdays release.

19-10-2001: Release bugfix version 0.6.8; Fixed same bug again, version 0.6.7 could still break your repository. mysql support forthcoming.

10-11-2001: Release bugfix version 0.6.7; warning don't use 0.6.6, it can kill your repository.

01-11-2001: MoneyDemo to show an idea of use

29-10-2001: released version 0.6.6; mayor bug fixes and a work around for the long standing bug in the xml store.

21-10-2001: Released version 0.6.5; Added support for htmldoc, added web mail tool, minor bug fixes.

18-09-2001: Relieve: legal thread is over. Released version 0.6.4; Improves mime handling for non-xml.

25-08-2001: legalthreat; there will be no legal problem in the long run. We did nothing wrong. But there could be a temporary ruling. Given the nature of court cases, this can take for ever. Besure - get you copy now. Details: FEAR20010825

10-08-2001: Version 0.6.2 adds distributed operation. Web site totally outdated now. Please come back soon.

30-06-2001: Trusted code interface added.

11-02-2001: Worked around the bug; multithreaded again.

04-02-2001: Rscheme-bug revealed. Now we must miss the multithreading until it's fixed.

06-01-2001: Development of version 0.6.1 started.

04-01-2001: Makex was not available when the demo installation was build...

27-12-2000: Demoinstallation fixed. I had cron start/stop it for logfile rotation once a day. That is, actually just stop it.

State Of Development (2001-08-08)

The current version (0.8.6) of the software is in beta state.

The mechanism is out of prototyping, no basic design changes expected. Currently bussy implementing voted computations.

Some prototypes are in productive applications for various features. And there are features which are not yet integrated and only available from those prototypes (at all levels, especially policy).

Few "nice to have"'s and syntactic sugar, too few interfaces implemented. Many features are only partially implemented and some basic standards are not completely supported. For instance the XSLT is sketchy: it's very unlikely that a complete implementation can introduce significant slow downs or break applications. But the current purpose is merly to demo how to implement yet another extention language, not yet to compete with other implementations.

Applications are demos, not to be used as is, not ready for end users but usable for friendly developers (I couldn't live without).

So to say it's currently more a framework like FramerD which makes it easy to build Zope-alike application environments.

pre version 0.6 news

 - Current extension languages: XSLT (incomplete) and a DSSSL-alike scheme.
 - Rendering to PDF, PostScript and plain text via Lout (2000-10-02)
   (see comments in the Lout template for usage information)
 - HTTP server and client with some TODO,
   SMTP client (error handling needs work).
 - Parsing (especially XPath) needs work.
 - DVM only conceptually distributed.
 - Too few storage adaptors.
 - still buggy
 - lack of high level documentation still questions understanding

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