How The Idea Came To Be

Askemos and BALL are two results of several years research and development.

It all startet with a casual observation. The privilege handling in computer systems did so far mirror different societies. Expecting an omnipresent use of electronic communication, we came to predict the need of change in structure. The new structure would efficiently represent the real-world relationship in daily business. These secured relationships would be affordable and recognizable in a court of law.

Many systems suffer from the fact that administrations and intruders can potentially modify any data and the rules at their discretion. Furthermore it is ethically questionable to leave binding decisions on citizen's privileges to gadgets.

During the past years we found our prediction factually approached by reality. "Cloud computing" and "social networks" are the modern names for the "notary service provider" and "application operators" in early publications. The public began to percieve privacy, piracy, security and soveignty as possible competing interests (↗rights). Still missing is the application of civil principles as described by Askemos.

BALL was developed as a proof-of-concept implementation and grown into a practical system to protect from rough servers. It is in daily use an an integrated, mutual friend-to-friend backup system with applications ranging from file storage (WebDAV) to complex and tamper-proof workflows. It's unique due to the ease with which users can install and control distributed applications.

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PS: Those who have a tie to Dresden might love to see our prototype being use here: to host the "Staddteilarchiv Neustadt".

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